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Finding Meaning in the New Post-Apocalyptic Era

Now that December 21, 2012 has passed, we’ve officially entered the 14th b’ak’tun, a new cycle of time according to the Maya Long Count calendar.  A b’ak’tun is equivalent to 394 solar years, and the Maya believed that 13 b’ak’tuns ago (August 11, 3114 BC) our current world, the world of the fifth sun, was born.  Speculation that the world would end upon the completion of 13 b’ak’tuns was based on Mayan mythology, which told of the previous world being destroyed at the end of 13 b’ak’tuns.  While today’s popular culture made 12/21/12 ominous, even the Maya saw past this date on our world.  

Nevertheless, the end of one b’ak’tun and the start of another is significant as a cosmic celebratory moment.  It is a turning point, a time when trending events pass a threshold, a point of no return, and a new era is more firmly in place.  Prior to the end of the 12th b’ak’tun, in 1618, the nations of the world were feudal in nature.  Most of humanity could not conceive of the world as a sphere or imagine its continents.  These are just a few of many observations that characterized the 12th b’ak’tun, but could not be said of the subsequent 13th b’ak’tun.  Surely the trends toward these changes were in place by 1618, and the remnants of the 12th b’ak’tun (and all previous b’ak’tuns) have existed even up until 2012, but the world as a whole would never go back.  

One great benefit of having passed the celebratory moment is that the search for meaning, while not easy, should not be as difficult.  Any person with comprehensive consciousness can succeed in it.  The first step is to look at the people and things of the world that are working to improve and enhance creation.  The second step is to look at the people and things of the world whose effect is one that destroys or stalls creation.  Where these steps become difficult are in recognizing what is meant by creation and realizing when other people’s interpretations are wrong.  

The first difficulty, recognizing what is meant by creation, is challenging because it requires a suppression of the greed that is a part of every person’s nature.  Creation is not always synonymous with one’s personal goals.  The second difficulty, realizing when other people’s interpretations are wrong, is challenging because there are many Breakers in the world, those people whose effect is one that destroys or stalls creation, and Breakers are as effective at spreading their ideas as Creators are.  Also, there are an even greater number of people in the world who are void in consciousness and who may mimic the will of Breakers because they do not possess the consciousness necessary to comprehend their effect.  A third challenge is the prevailing premise that opposing ideas deserve equal merit simply because large numbers of people believe them.  This is a fallacy that works to the advantage of Breakers because it can make otherwise Ripple Neutral people into Breakers, despite their best intentions.    

Fortunately, the 14th b’ak’tun is on course to be the era when people finally discover that truth is obtainable with most things of the world.  The potential is there for people to open their minds to the true beauty of creation and the part that they can play in the continuation of creation. The realization that one is playing a part in the continuation of creation is to experience great happiness and to discover meaning in existence.  

Ancient mythology does not suggest another firm apocalyptic date until the year 2239 (the Hebrew year 6000), which according to Orthodox Judaism is the end of the Messianic Age.  With a couple of centuries to break from forecasts of the world’s end, humanity’s most recent post-apocalyptic era has begun, and it is not one where people must cling to survival on the remnants of civilization.  Instead it is one where the countdown to apocalypse can be left behind us, and the potential of the future can claim primacy.  There is no better way to embrace the new era than to open your Mind’s Eye wider than it is opened today.

posted by ADMIN December 28, 2012 7:15

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